What to expect when dating a single dad

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happy coupleWhen you are dating a single dad, you can be sure that you are with someone who is capable of commitment, who has a love for children, and who is past the stage of late night partying with the boys. While these are great qualities, it is important to understand that the rules dtoating a single dad are different than the rules of dating a carefree guy who has no kids. When you start dating a single dad, there are a few things that you should know.

Make Sure His Relationship with his Ex is Over

This may sound like common sense, however, it is not uncommon for a man to lie about his relationship status. Before you start dating a single dad, it is important to be sure that he really is single.

Understand that You Don’t Come First

Any good father will always put his children first. Because of this, you should understand that you will not always come first. If this is a problem, you are probably better off dating a guy who does not have children. While his children will come first, do not be afraid to ask for what you want from time to time.

Take Things Slow

The best way to handle a relationship with a single dad, is slow. This is especially true if his marriage or relationship with his children’s mother just ended. Don’t pressure him for a commitment too quickly. It is best to let him lead the way.

Give Him Space

While spending time with your new guy and his children may be a great time for you, it is important to give him his space as well. As a single dad, he needs to continue to build his connection with his children. It is a good idea to give him some alone time with his children to build that connection.

happy couple, skatingRespect that He Needs To Speak to His Ex

As annoying as it may be, your new man’s ex will be part of his life forever. Because they share children, they will need to speak often, especially when the children are young. He will need to speak to her regarding visits, problems at school, and special occasions, among hundreds of other things. While it may difficult not to get jealous from time to time, it is important to avoid showing it.


When a father and mother split up, it is not uncommon for them to have arguments and disagree about situations involving the children. When these disagreements occur, be there and let him vent. He will appreciate you so much more, knowing that you are there to listen when his ex is driving him crazy.

Don’t Try to Be a Mother to His Children

It is important that you do not try to be a mother to your new man’s children. The kids may not like it, and neither will their mother. Since his kids already have a mother, you should work on being their friend. Allow their father to handle the discipline, while you can be the new, fun girl in their dad’s life.

As long as you know the rules of dating a single dad, and you know what to expect, you should have a long and happy relationship.


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