6 Ways to Tell You are Not Ready for Marriage

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6. Too Many Conflicts

Some people are meant to stay friends instead of embarking on a journey of marriage.  It’s true that a lot of things change when you get married.  Things that were okay to do and say during a friendship or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, may not be appropriate for the terms of a marriage.  There will be times when you and your partner will have disagreements and arguments, but when you have too many conflicts, this is one sign that you both may not be prepared to take your relationship to the level of marriage.

5. Handle Situations Poorly

There will be times when situations occur and there is a right and wrong way to handle them.  If you or the person you plan to marry has an issue with handling situations in a timely and correct manner, this could be an issue down the line.  This is something you will need to address before it’s too late, and the situation escalates into something major.

4. Expectations

Everyone’s expectations are not the same and sometimes this is something else that will help you determine you and your partner are not ready for marriage.  If you are not able to meet your partner’s expectations, whether they are big or small, this will become a problem in the future.  If you are not what your partner is looking for, there will only be a few times they will sacrifice for you which in turn becomes settling for less, and this is something that will not last long.

3. Compromise

If both of you are not able to compromise, this is a sure sign that marriage may not be in the near future.  People can work on their habits and short-comings, but if no one is willing to work on bettering themselves, there is no need to prolong the relationship.  Both parties should compromise so one person is not sacrificing more than the other.

2. Financial Issues

A lot of people don’t realize what marriage means from a financial standpoint.  When you marry someone, yes, they become your spouse, but you also inherit their debt and other financial instances.  This is not appealing to a lot of people who are considering marriage.  Before you get married, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.  No one wants to pay off your debts that were there before they came along.  It’s a burden that you shouldn’t put on your partner.  Instead, work on your financial issues together to reach a common goal and financial status both of you are satisfied with.

1. Communication

Communication is the primary indication that you and your partner are not ready for marriage.  If you can’t talk to your partner about certain things or they shut you out of certain situations, you may want to reconsider marrying that person.  There should always be an open line of communication between both parties.




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